SH Sunday School Recap for 9/10

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 9.40.42 PM.pngSenior High Sunday School: 

We kicked off our new series by starting with a SUPER BRIEF survey church history around the time of the Reformation. It is important to understand the battle in the early 16th Century to protect some key doctrines. Looking at figures like Martin Luther, John Calvin and even as far back as St. Augustine, we see the conviction of Christians willing to fight for Biblical theology and not willing to cave on key doctrines that were threatened in church history.

Our focus in this introductory lesson was really to see the heart of the Reformers was to fight for God as Ultimate Authority and His Word being protected as our standard for faith and practice. At a time when man’s authority was elevated and even began to supplant the Word of God, these men fought by conviction of the Holy Spirit to protect good doctrine. That is the same for us today. There are so many false doctrines that we hear and sometimes might even not realize it is false at first but we must go back to our ultimate authority and ask “What does God say in His word about this.”

Next week we will look at the idea of “A Rebel’s Heart” and the doctrine of total depravity.

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