Book introduction to James!!!

As you have begun to read through the whole letter of James you might be thinking, “Am I supposed to remember all this?” Or “What do I focus on?” Let’s focus on a couple things when we read through larger chunks of Scripture in one sitting…

  1. Questions – Write down any questions that come to you as you read. What’s hard to understand? Are there any words you don’t understand? Is there any concepts the author is discussing that seems confusing? These questions we will use when we go back to study that particular passage as a smaller unit on a bible study day.
  2. Big Ideas – Like in our Swedish Bible Study Method, what’s the “Light Bulb” of the passage or the big idea that “shines through” to you? This helps to jot down a few notes as we read through the book as a whole so we can come back later and make our own outline.
  3. Applications – When you read a big chunk it may seem likes there’s 100 applications! But focus just on one or two for that day! We will get to all the others when we study the smaller passages!
  4. Outline – I mentioned this with big ideas but sometimes it helps to make a rough outline of the book as you go through it to help you have a starting point when you study it in smaller chunks. It’s kind of like putting together a puzzle. We start with the outside pieces to make the frame, then when we have a general idea of the big picture, we start placing the inside pieces. That’s what we are doing by getting a big picture view by reading the whole letter. We are going to fill in the inside pieces on bible study days!!


Another MEGA huge help is to use a study bible to read background information on a letter. It helps understand the historical context of why the letter was written and what the audience was dealing with at that time. If you don’t have a study bible with this, I have attached the Reformation Study Bible (2015) introduction for James! Praying for your studies today!


Click Here for Intro to James (Reformation Study Bible 2015)

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