FOLD is an acronym that represents the mission and vision of the youth ministry at Young Meadows. Our desire is for teenagers to be a Fellowship Of Loving Disciples.

As a Fellowship, our hope is that our teens will become a part of a close knit core of believers who desire not only to be ministered to, but to minister and bear the burdens of those around them. We foster that through fun, engaging activities throughout the year. Typically, there is one large group fellowship activity every month, in addition to youth group and Sunday school fellowship time. We also schedule several retreats throughout the year including retreats.

Our hope is also that teenagers here would develop a heart of Love towards both God and others outside the church. The last thing we hope to produce is a group of teenagers with a consumer mentality that church is only about what they get. We want to provide them opportunities where they can serve their community around them, as well as share their faith with those unlike them. In addition to a large group fellowship activity, there is a monthly scheduled time for outreach and service.

Ultimately, our goal is that our youth would be lifelong disciples of Christ, not just nominal (in name only) believers. Thus, we strive to teach Biblical world and life view through weekly topical and Biblical studies. We believe that this is best done through three dynamics: 1. Large group study, which occurs through Sunday School and youth group,  2.  Small group study, which occurs through regular discipleship groups lead by volunteer leaders, and 3. One on one, which occurs throughout the week as volunteers engage in life on life discipleship.

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